10 Gifts for the Volkswagen Lover in Your Life

10 Gifts for the Volkswagen Lover in Your Life

There’s passion and then there’s Volkswagen PASSION! In being part of the Volkswagen family, you carry a lot of pride for your VW and likely know others who do the same. Why not treat them to a Volkswagen gift that will carry them through the holidays and far beyond? Time to turn up the nostalgia.


1. Large Tonka Volkswagen Mint Green Beetle

This rustic bug made by Tonka will fit into any holiday décor.

Large Tonka Volkswagen Mint Green Beetle Bug With An Ivory Bottle Brush Tree on Top




2. Encinitas, California – VW Van Blockprint

Represent your local community in style with this vintage Encinitas VW blockprint art.

Encinitas, California - VW Van Blockprint: Retro Travel Poster Wall Art




3. Volkswagen USB Drive

A scaled replica of the classics, featuring working headlights when plugged in, turns up the holiday cheer.

Volkswagen Beetle USB Drive




4. Volkswagen Monopoly

Why not combine two classic pastimes into one? Now, you can!

Surfers Beach Decorative Switchplate Cover




5. Surfers Beach Switchplate Cover

A handcrafted light switch cover that will remind you of your VW every time you walk in a room.

Surfers Beach Decorative Switchplate Cover




6. Metal Wine Bottle Holders

Display your wine bottles proudly with this classy Volkswagen metal wine holder.

Minivan By Wine Bodies




7. Volkswagen Beetle Pocket Knife

Collectable Volkswagen stainless steel pocket knife is a practical way to cut through any holiday wish list.

Volkswagen Beetle Pocket Knife-Blue




8. VW Throw Blanket

A soft fleece throw blanket to wrap up your holiday shopping. It just feels right.

VW Camper Van Throw Blanket




9. Lego T1 Camper Van

A direct replica of the T1 Camper Van, this is the perfect gift for kids and kids at heart!

Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper Van




10. Limited Edition Car Ugly Christmas Sweater

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a Beetle ugly Christmas Sweater!

Limited Edition Ugly Christmas Sweater-Style


7 Reasons to Buy a Car in December (1)

7 Reasons to Buy a Car in December

What better way to start the New Year off right than with a new car? It’s the time of year when we dream big and give bigger.  Here are 7 reasons you should consider purchasing a new set of wheels this holiday season.

1. Your car is another model year older in January

This can greatly affect the trade-in value of your car. Year of the model is a major factor dealerships use to calculate the total cost of your new car. Another year older is another year of depreciation.


2. New year models are out now

Yes, it’s new. Yes, it’s shiny. And yes, it could be yours! Most of the 2016 new models are out now and are yours for the taking. Why not be one of the first on the road with your new favorite model? The satisfaction has never been greater.

Herman Cook Showroom

Image Source: cookvw.com


3. Safer car to use for holiday travel

It’s hard enough getting the car packed for the holiday and everyone ready to go. The last thing you need is a flat tire, squeaky brakes, a dead battery, no heater, or worse. Why not just leave all your troubles at home? Travel in style with a new car that is ensured to keep your family safe during those road trips to Grandma’s house. Away we go.


4. Model Year End Clearance Sales

December is widely known as one of the best times a year to buy a car. With new 2016 models coming in, dealerships are ready to get last year’s models off the lot. This makes it a great opportunity for car buyers to take advantage of outstanding end of the year closeout deals.  Like these ones.


2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI S

Image Source: cookvw.com


5. Joy of showing it off to family members

One of the biggest conversations you will have with your family over the holidays will be “How’s it running?” or “You still have the old (insert cheesy car name here). Why not be the one who shows up at Christmas with something everyone will admire. There is nothing more magical than the whole family huddled around an icy driveway during holiday dinner admiring your new set of wheels. Nothing.


6. If you buy car in December, you won’t have a payment until next year

Buying a car in December means that your first month is paid by the dealership. This allows you more money to use to tackle other items on the holiday shopping list.


7. If you are only giving one gift this year, this is the one you want

Not in the holiday spirit? Don’t know what to get your loved one? No problem! Anyone over the age of 15 will be quite pleased with this gift and may even offer to give you a ride! You’ll be the family hero and have a personal chauffeur…win win!

Herman Cook Encinitas Christmas Beetle

Image Source: cookvw.com