10 Teams of 2 PGA Juniors Come Together to Participate in the 2019 Herman Cook Memorial Golf Tournament in Encinitas CA

Herman Cook Memorial participants

2019 Herman Cook Memorial Recap and Results

The 16th annual Herman Cook Memorial golf tournament took place last weekend at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course, resulting in a resounding success of amazing PGA Junior golf and a whole lot of fun! A group of 10 teams of 2 came together for the 18-hole tournament to compete for a spot on the coveted Championship Cup, which was created along with the tournament by Dennis Cook and Laurie Rose to honor their father – the late Herman Cook, founder of Herman Cook Volkswagen here in Encinitas, CA. Anyone interested in checking out the Championship Cup and seeing the names of all of the tournament’s previous winners are encouraged to come on over to Encinitas Boulevard to see it – and us – but until then, let’s check out the how this year’s participants fared in the 2019 Herman Cook Memorial junior golf tournament.

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Who Won the 2019 Herman Cook Memorial Golf Tournament at Encinitas Ranch?

winners of the Herman Cook Memorial

The 10 teams of 2 PGA Juniors couldn’t have provided the spectators taking in the action at the 2019 Herman Cook Memorial golf tournament with a better show than the one they put on. All teams kept things close, but it ended up being three teams finishing tied at 9 under par. That means it was time for what ended up being a two-hole playoff, with the team of Matthew Broder and Connor Williams eventually coming out on top. See the full results below, and a very special thanks to everyone who participated and who helped make this year’s event such an amazing spectacle.

Matthew Broder/Connor Williams – 63

Lucy Yuan/Colin Li – 63

Justin Gill/Kaden Chang – 63

Daniel Zhao/Ryan Zhao – 65

Jasmine Kahler/Blake Iwaisako – 66

Daniel Chazen/Connor Herrera – 66

Jeffrey Kim/Evan Liu – 67

Zoe Salinas/Kate Hu – 67

Kai Salinas/Ethan Elleraas – 70

Jake Spiegel/Ryan Vo – 72