A Letter to VW Customers

A Letter to Our Customers

Dear Herman Cook Volkswagen Customer,

It has been a very difficult ten days for all of us in the Volkswagen family. That includes you, all our valued customers, thirty-five employees and our families.

We have been surprised and troubled by what has occurred. I want to assure you that none of us saw any signs of this coming and once it began to unfold we had no idea as to its magnitude.

During our forty-eight years as a family owned VW dealership, Volkswagen has always taken responsibility and tried its best to make things right. I expect this situation to be handled in the same way.

What has been missing this time is credible information for all of us. It now appears that some information is on its way. We plan to start to post it on our website later today and continue to do so as it is received.

Please call us if you have concerns or questions.

Thank you for your business, loyalty, trust, and understanding.

Dennis Cook
President, Herman Cook Volkswagen, Inc.