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Our Herman Cook Volkswagen Service Department in Encinitas CA is Here for You During the COVID-19 Pandemic

service technician working under a car

We’re Here for You at Herman Cook VW in Encinitas CA

During these unprecedented times, it’s nice to know you can still get the goods and services you need from the businesses within your community. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Herman Cook VW in Encinitas, CA. We’re here for you whether you need a new Volkswagen, a used car, truck or SUV, or any kind of automotive service because we care about our community and the people living within it. In fact, exactly how we feel is outlined in the video below.

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Herman Cook Volkswagen Service Department Considered Essential – Will Remain Open During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Herman Cook VW Service Dept. Ready to Help During Pandemic

Businesses are shuttering all over the country during the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to slow the spread and keep people safe. But many businesses remain open because they are considered essential – and one of those businesses is our own Herman Cook VW Service Department here in Encinitas, CA, which remains open and ready to help during this pandemic. But what automotive services are available here at the Herman Cook Volkswagen Service Department? And how easy is it to schedule an appointment to get your essential automotive maintenance? You can find all of that information and more right here.

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10,000 Mile Summer Service Special

Volkswagen 10,000 Mile Service

Volkswagen 10,000 Mile Service is now being offered for your Volkswagen for just $159! What better way to end the summer than with a comprehensive 10,000 mile service interval maintenance from our trusted Volkswagen technicians. Let us help make sure your car is ready for those early morning drop-offs!

Services performed on this special include:

• Engine oil and filter change

• Inspect brake system

• Tire rotation

• Inspect fluid levels

• Perform visual inspection of airbag system (Every 1 year regardless of mileage)

• Check tire mobility kit (if applicable)

• Check rear window cleaning nozzle functionality (if applicable)

• Reset service interval display (if applicable)


Schedule service with us today and don’t forget to mention this blog post to get an additional $10 OFF THIS OFFER!

Herman Cook VW Service Gets Achievement Award by Volkswagen Group of America

Two employees in the Herman Cook VW Service department have received a Certificate of Achievement by Volkswagen Group of America. Service Manager Brad Alford and Service Advisor William McAuliffe were both proud recipients of this award.

Volkswagen Service Award for Customer Service

The certificate was presented by the Volkswagen Group of America Fixed Operation Manager for excellence in customer service. Scores were calculated based on performance, advisor scores, customer satisfaction surveys, and other VW service-related attributes. All advisors and managers at Volkswagen dealerships in the region were qualified.

Herman Cook VW Certificate of Achievement
Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment. We are proud to have you both on the Herman Cook Volkswagen Service team! Click here to read more about the Auto Repair services we offer.

Service Recognition from President and CEO of Volkswagen of America, Inc.

Herman Cook VW Service

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


November 2, 2016

To Who This May Concern,

For a many years I’ve been fortunate your marvelous dealership cares for my TDI Passat station wagon.

Yesterday your Service Consultant, Bill, took great care of me. My questions about some mechanical issues he addressed with most remarkable knowledge. I then found out his mechanical prowess is off the charts because outstanding training he got from German technical institute.

You are fortunate to have him, and we regulars are very, very lucky.

Bart, Customer


Bill McAuliffe Recognition

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


November 7, 2016

Dear Dr. Z.,

Thank you for your recent letter about your wonderful experience with Mr. McAuliffe at Herman Cook Volkswagen. It delights me to hear about when our dealers go above-and-beyond to assist the dear members of our Volkswagen family.

The dealers are the face of our company, and it is always marvelous to hear about them going the extra mile to give customers the best possible experience and answering questions about our vehicles. I will make sure to inform Herman Cook VW of your complete satisfaction in your experience with them.

Once again, thank you for letting me know about the outstanding service at Herman Cook VW. I wish you many more miles in your Passat.

Best regards,
Hinrich J. Woebcken
President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.