Tripping – 1975 – Falling in Love One Country at a Time: A Love Story About a Couple and Their Yellow Volkswagen Bus Named Banana

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Couple to Release Book About Falling in Love on the Road

Back in 1968 Marshall Hockett, who would go on to become a Superior Court Judge and marry Encinitas local Debbie, was taking part in Stanford’s study program in England. It was during this time that he traveled around Europe, falling in love with everything he saw and promising himself he’d be back again one day. That day came in 1975 when Hockett and his wife came up with a plan to spend a year traveling all around Europe. And, thanks to a suggestion from one of Hockett’s friends, the rest of us get to share in that journey as the couple is set to release a book about falling in love on the road entitled “Tripping – 1975 – Falling in Love One Country at a Time.”


When Will Tripping – 1975 – Falling in Love One Country at a Time be Released?

Tripping – 1975 – Falling in Love One Country at a Time will be released on November 16th at the Winn Room of the Coronado Library. It will then be available at book retailers nationwide. The book follows the travels of Marshall Hockett and his wife Debbie as they travel across Europe for a year in their yellow Volkswagen bus they named Banana.

“All through my life, I’ve come across friends and acquaintances who have expressed a desire to travel the world and wish they could do it. THEY CAN! In the beginning, I was doubtful myself, but look what came of it! We would never trade our year of travel for anything. It gave us a different viewpoint of the world and the people in it. We found that almost universally, people of all countries are nice and are anxious to share conversation with you. This tell-all journal will show you how to travel the world and love it!” – Debbie Hockett

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