San Diego Vintage VW Christmas Cruise 2016

San Diego Air Cooled Vintage VW Christmas Cruise

The San Diego Air Cooled VW Group helped to make children’s holidays a bit brighter on Saturday with their annual Vintage VW Christmas Cruise toy drive at Herman Cook.

Herman Cook VW Vintage VW


The Air Cooled Group is a San Diego based Volkswagen Club that loves to share their passion for cruising and customizing their Classic Air Cooled VW’s. They couldn’t have been more excited to share their passion at this event!

San Diego Air Cooled VW Group


Enthusiasts of all ages helped pick up the Toys for Tots donation boxes at Herman Cook and loaded them into the VW’s.

Santa's Little Helper


Even furry enthusiasts came along for the ride.



All were classic vehicles, but each one unique, and many of them festively decorated in Christmas cheer.

Classic Gems


Nearly 50 classic and uniquely decorated VW’s piled into the dealership to take part in the event.

Vintage VW Cruise Line


Within each vehicle, there were many opportunities to see the classic VW culture that we all know and love.

HCVW SD Air Cooled Group


The classic VWs were a sight to behold as many of them were extremely decorative and customized vehicles.

VW Christmas at Herman Cook


The group leader Lee Hedges put his heart and soul into organizing the event, capturing a collective VW nostalgia for all those involved.

Lee Hedges, San Diego Air Cooled VW Group

Image Source: Will Copeland, San Diego Air Cooled Group


Once all the VW’s were lined up, they exited past the Herman Cook VW showroom in a stylish procession one by one.

Volkswagen Classic Beetle


The journey began by cruising through Encinitas.

Vintage VW Christmas Cruise Encinitas


They then cruised through Del Mar, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Fiesta Island, Coronado, and Imperial Beach.

Vintage Cruise VW's


SD Air Cooled Cruise Coast


Alas, they ended their journey at the Toys for Tots Marine Corps Reserve Center near Miramar and delivered the toys for donation.

Toys for Tots at HCVW


The Toys for Tots drive was a huge success thanks to the generosity of San Diego Air Cooled VW, Herman Cook VW customers and employees, and the support of the local community. If you would like to particpate in the  next annual Vintage VW Cruise, and you can contact the dealership at (760) 753-6256 for more details. Click here to watch the video!

Festive VW Vintage Cruise

Image Source: Will Copeland, San Diego Air Cooled Group