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Fall Service Savings at Herman Cook VW

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Service Offers Herman Cook VW

Schedule Service with us today with these Special Offers on quality Volkswagen service at Herman Cook VW! Click here to schedule service or stop by Service Xpress, without an appointment. Let our expert technicians get your Volkswagen running in tip-top shape this Fall!

Cinco de Mayo Specials

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Start your Cinco de Mayo celebrations early with these hot deals at Herman Cook VW. Click here to schedule your service today!

Cindo de Mayo Service Specials at HCVW

4th of July Service Special

Friday, June 24th, 2016

4th of July Service Special

What are your plans this upcoming 4th of July weekend? The beach? Camping in Anza-Borrego? A road trip up the coast to San Francisco? An anonymously crazy weekend in Vegas? Wherever you may be going, we want to make sure your Volkswagen is ready for the all the festivities coming your way. Whether you need an oil change for the drive or want to get your Check Engine Light looked at, we are here to help!


Here’s a coupon for you to enjoy this week for 10% Off Service at Herman Cook VW to help with your trip planning. Now, that’s red, white and blue-tacular! Click here to schedule your appointment online or call us at (760) 753-6256.


10% Off Service Coupon 4th of July

How To Spring Clean Your Volkswagen

Friday, March 18th, 2016
How To Spring Clean Your Volkswagen

Sure, a little spring cleaning is good for the soul. It is invigorating, therapeutic, and can give us a fresh perspective in our everyday lives. Why not have the same blissful feeling for your Volkswagen? During the (somewhat) cold winter months here in San Diego, we often neglect to clean our cars as often as we should. Well, now’s your chance to start again with these helpful car washing tips.


How often? Washing weekly certainly helps keep pollen, dirt, and the occasional seagull waste off your car and prevents pollutants from embedding themselves into the clear coat. If you can’t wash weekly, put one day in your calendar each month as a reminder that it is due for a thorough cleanse.

Red Jetta Car Wash Hood

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


Wash in the shade – sunlight makes soap and water evaporate faster, which can result in water spots.

Hand Washing Gray Jetta in Shade

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


Apply Degreaser on Tires Before Washing – that way, the degreaser has some time to soak into the rims while you are scrubbing your car.

Tire Degreaser

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


Hand Washing is best to get the most precise results. Be sure to use a soap made for washing cars, as using dish detergent strips off your car’s protective wax.

Hand Washing Hood

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


Rinse from the Top-Down one section of the car at a time. This helps the water flow over the whole car making the rinse more thorough.

Top-Down Rinse

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


“Holy Rags” – people tend to not replace chamois as often as they should, which could result in missing spots on the car and having to go over it several times. When it’s time to get a new rag, you won’t regret the replacement.

Worn "Holy" Rags

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


Don’t neglect the interior – use a Shop-Vac on the mats, car seats, floors, trunk, and any other hard to reach crevices to ensure you get rid of all the sand you’ve accumulated in your VW.


Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


Clay bars help if you haven’t washed your car in a long time. If you feel a gritty surface when running your hand over the car, clay bars can be used to bring back some of the car’s natural gloss look.

Clay Bar

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


Dry Immediately with Microfiber Cloth– Using a garden hose results in water spots, especially with darker color cars. Dry immediately after rinsing to reduce the risk of unwanted water spots. After drying, don’t forget to apply a layer of protective car wax.

Drying with Microfiber Cloth

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


Organize – so your glove box and center console are full and there’s stuff all over your floors. Life happens. Take a garbage bag and throw anything out you don’t use on a monthly basis. Organize those cd’s, throw out expired products, and the 7 pairs of scratched sunglasses in the dash that you never use. It’s time to make room for bigger and better things in 2016.

Organize Interior

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


Are you due for some spring cleaning, but don’t have the time? Bring in your Volkswagen and let our professionals clean it for you! Though we are practicing a green initiative to conserve water during the drought, we are happy to wash your car for you when you come in for service.

Herman Cook Volkswagen Car Washing Professionals

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


As an added bonus, here’s a coupon for you to enjoy this month for a Free Service Inspection to help with your Spring Cleaning peace of mind. You and your Volkswagen will feel like new in no time !


Free Service Inspection Coupon- Spring Cleaning