Get Your Christmas Tree Home Safely with These Tree Transporting Tips from Herman Cook VW in Encinitas CA

cartoon truck carrying a Christmas tree

Tips for Safely Transporting Your Christmas Tree

The holiday season is upon us, which means many people will soon be bringing Christmas trees home to decorate and put presents under. It’s a wonderful tradition, one that’s very dear to our hearts here at Herman Cook Volkswagen in Encinitas, CA. But anyone who’s ever had to tie a tree to the top of their vehicle – even a vehicle as powerful and capable as the new Volkswagen SUVs here at Herman Cook VW – knows it’s not always the easiest thing. That’s why we decided to shard this video with you, as it contains all the tips you need to know to safely transport your Christmas tree.


See Now: Everything You Need to Know to Safety Transport Your Christmas Tree with Your New VW from Herman Cook Volkswagen in Encinitas CA

We could use a bunch of space here to spell out the tips and tricks you need to know to safely transport your Christmas tree, but we figured it would be easier to just show you how to do it. Find all you need to know in the video below.

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