What Does Becoming Carbon Neutral Mean to Volkswagen?

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Volkswagen Outlines Carbon Neutral and Drive Bigger Plans

Volkswagen has officially moved to the forefront of the global warming movement after the company outlined its carbon neutral and Drive Bigger plans and initiatives. More specifically, Volkswagen has decided it’s time to stop avoiding the question as to what to do about global warming and instead get to work on becoming carbon neutral. That’s all part of the brand’s new Drive Bigger direction. But what exactly are these plans? How does Volkswagen intend to become carbon neutral? Let’s find out here.

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How and When Will Volkswagen Models and Production Become Carbon Neutral?

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Volkswagen has big plans for the brand’s new Drive Bigger initiative, plans that include huge leaps forward in terms of electric vehicles. After committing itself to the goals of the Paris Agreement, the 200-nation agreement that aims to limit global warming to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by cutting emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, Volkswagen will focus on improving electric vehicles to make them more compatible with everyday life. Those electric vehicles produce no tailpipe emissions, which will help the brand achieve its carbon neutral goal. In fact, Volkswagen plans to make its vehicles and production carbon neutral by 2050.

“We have an obligation to get electrification right. It is critical for the planet, it is required of our industry and it is the right thing for our company. Volkswagen is uniquely positioned to deliver electric vehicles for millions.” – Scott Keogh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen Group of America

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