Blog Post March 2017 - Alda Xhindi

Welcome Alda To The Herman Cook Team!

Welcome our newest Salesperson at Herman Cook Volkwagen: Alda Xhindi. We are very excited to have this talented individual joining the team. Let’s get to know her, shall we?


Can you tell us your name and a little about yourself?
My name’s Alda and I’m a single mom to an amazing 10 year old boy.

Alda Xhindi Headshot

Image Source: Alda Xhindi


Tell us a little about your employment (sales) background?
I have always been in customer service and/or sales my entire career. For the past year, I have been in Automotive Sales.


What intrigues you about selling cars?
I have always been fascinated by cars, but was unable to learn about them until I started selling them. Now that I’ve opened Pandora’s Box, I can’t seem to learn enough about them!

Alda Showroom

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen


What do you like to do for fun in your spare time?
I love the great outdoors so surfing, hiking, and traveling. I have happy feet so if the music is on, I am dancing! Sometimes even if there is no music, you’ll catch me doing a silly happy dance.

Alda Outdoor Collage

Image Source: Alda Xhindi


What is your favorite Volkswagen vehicle and why?
The Beetle. It’s the most unique and suiting for a bubbly personality.


Where are you from originally?
SD is my hometown. Been here since 1991, but I’m originally from Albania. I just recently moved back (home) from Texas and it’s so good to be back in sunny San Diego!


What is your favorite part of living in San Diego?
The weather and there is always something to do.


What’s your favorite Mexican food dish?
Mmmm…where do I begin… if I had to pick one, it’d probably have to be a Pollo Asado Burrito.


Herman Cook Sales Team Photo with Aldi

Image Source: Herman Cook Volkswagen

Next time you’re at Herman Cook, come by and say hello to Alda. Welcome to the team!