Advanced New Features and Capabilities Added to Next Generation Volkswagen Car-Net System at Herman Cook VW in Encinitas CA

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What’s New for the Next Generation VW Car-Net System?

Big things are coming for the 2020 model year and toward the top of that list is the next generation Volkswagen Car-Net system – which boasts a slew of advanced new features and capabilities that make it even more helpful out on the road, and off of it, than it already was. When it debuted during the 2014 model year, the Volkswagen Car-Net system was truly revolutionary. Once the 2020 model year hits, it can be called nothing less than futuristic. And that leads us to one question – what’s new for the next generation VW Car-Net system? Well, we’re going to find that out right here as we go through the major updates to the system one by one.

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New for the VW Car-Net System: Remote Access

One of our favorite upgrades to the next generation VW Car-Net system is the new Remote Access program. This suite of new capabilities includes remote start capabilities, remote door lock and unlock capabilities, remote honk and light flash capabilities, remote vehicle status capabilities, and the ability to check your new VW model’s last known location. Other new capabilities include a Parking Information system that helps you locate available parking locations, a Vehicle Health Report system that provides monthly diagnostic information on your new Volkswagen, and the Family Guardian system that allows you to set speed, location, and curfew boundaries for your new VW and alerts you if those boundaries have been exceeded.

New for the VW Car-Net System: Safe & Secure

A new Safe & Secure program has also been added – a system which includes new technology like the Information Assistance program, Emergency Assistance capabilities, Automatic Crash Notification capabilities, Anti-Theft Alert capabilities, and Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance.

New for the VW Car-Net System: Hotspot

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The new Car-Net Hotspot provides high-speed internet access to up to four devices in your new Volkswagen.

New for the VW Car-Net System: Guide & Inform

Most new cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today feature some kind of navigation system, but none feature a navigation system quite like the Car-Net Guide & Inform system that gives you access to traffic reports, fuel prices, sports scores, movie times, weather reports, and so much more.

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