The Volkswagen Spektrum Program for 2019 Golf R


This program will allow customers to choose from 40 custom order colors for the 2019 Golf R—in addition to the five standard colors—ranging from Nogaro Blue Pearl and Violet Touch Metallic, to Caribbean Green and Copper Orange Metallic. Other colors that will resonate with enthusiasts include Deep Blue Pearl from the Mk 4 and Mk 5 R32, Ginster Yellow from the 1997 Driver’s Edition GTI, and Mars Red from the Mk 1 GTI. These options make the Golf R stand out, from the highway to the driveway, while also highlighting the owner’s personality.


Available Colors:

Deep Blue Pearl
Moss Green
Star Blue
Oxide Red
Jazz Blue Pearl
Anthracite Metallic
Graphite Metallic
Dark Violet Pearl
Mystic Blue Pearl
Hot Chili Pearl
Dark Burgundy
Futura Yellow
Nogaro Blue
Inky Blue
Mocha Anthracite
Copper Orange
Squirrel Gray
Slate Grey
Caribbean Green
Racing Green
Reseda Green
Cliff Green
91 Blue
Ice Blue
Irish Green
Sarantos Turquoise
Traffic Purple
Raspberry Red
Mars Red
TNT Orange
Magma Orange
Curry Yellow
Ginster Yellow
Techno Blue
Bordeaux Red
Violet Touch
Viper Green
Azure Blue Pearl
Prussian Blue Metallic

The custom color program comes to VWoA via Volkswagen Canada, which introduced this program for the 2018 model year. Since the program’s debut, Volkswagen Canada has seen a high take rate on Golf R, indicating great interest in a vehicle that stands out from the pack. After listening to customer and enthusiast feedback asking for more color options for the enthusiast model, VWoA decided to adopt the program in the U.S. Each vehicle will be hand-painted in a separate paint shop before returning to the line for its finishing touches. The MSRP for one of the custom colors is $2,500.

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