How To Videos ID.4

Touchscreen Climate Controls | Knowing Your VW

Describes how to use the touchscreen display to operate heating, cooling and airflow functions.

ID.4 Virtual Walkaround | Knowing Your VW

An introduction to the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 and overview of select features and functions.

Memory Function: Seats and Outside Mirrors | Knowing Your VW

Demonstrates the proper method of adjusting the power seats as well as saving the settings in memory.

ID. Cockpit and Touchscreen | Knowing Your VW

Demonstrates operation of the touchscreen as well as the four available information views in the cockpit display.

ID. Light | Knowing Your VW

Shows how the ID.4 interior lighting feature alerts the driver to various vehicle conditions and feature operation.

Lane Keeping System (Lane Assist) | Knowing Your VW

The Volkswagen Lane Assist system uses a camera mounted in the rearview mirror assembly that can recognize certain lane markings and warn you if you begin to move out of your lane.

Interior and Cargo Space | Knowing Your VW

Demonstrates how to operate and reconfigure consoles, seatbacks and cargo area to maximize functionality and cargo-carrying capability.

Multi-Function Steering Wheel Controls | Knowing Your VW

Demonstrates the available features that may be controlled by the buttons and thumbwheel integrated in the steering wheel.

Rear View Camera | Knowing Your VW

Demonstrates how the rearview camera can assist the driver while backing or parking.

Customize and Navigate Through Infotainment | Knowing Your VW

Demonstrates how to add, move or remove "widgets" to the infotainment display to operate multiple vehicle features.

Navigation | Knowing Your VW

Covers top-level functionality and operation of the Navigation system such as entering destinations and changing the map view.

Wireless App Connect | Knowing Your VW

This video shows how to wirelessly connect a compatible mobile device to be controlled from the vehicle's infotainment system using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Gear Selector and Starter Button | Knowing Your VW

This video demonstrates the proper methods for activating the vehicle ignition as well as Drive activation.

In-Car Charge Scheduling | Knowing Your VW

Demonstrates how to set charging schedules for the ID.4 from within the vehicle using the infotainment system display.

Keyless Access, Easy Open and Easy Close | Knowing Your VW

Illustrates the ease and functionality of Keyless entry as well as the proper way to open the rear hatch using leg motion.

Lane Change System (Side Assist) | Knowing Your VW

Explains how the Side Assist feature works to alert the driver to vehicles to the rear and side that may be out of view of the driver.

Adaptive Cruise Control | Knowing Your VW

Shows how to operate the Adaptive Cruise Control feature which helps automatically maintain a distance from vehicles ahead.

Front Assist | Knowing Your VW

This feature can help avoid collision with a vehicle on the road ahead moving in the same direction by alerting the driver and applying the brakes as necessary.

Emergency Assist | Knowing Your VW

Demonstrates how the Emergency Assist feature can detect driver inactivity, and if necessary, keep the vehicle in its lane and bring it to a stop.

Rear Traffic Alert | Knowing Your VW

Describes how the Rear Traffic Alert feature of the VW ID.4 EV monitors the cross traffic when reversing out of a parking space or driveway.

Power Regeneration and Brake Energy Recuperation | Knowing Your VW

Explains how the ID.4 converts kinetic energy to usable electricity and shows how to change regeneration modes.

Battery Monitoring | Knowing Your VW

Explains how to track battery usage as well as suggesting ways to maximize range.

Comfort Drive Travel Assist | Knowing Your VW

Illustrates how Comfort Drive Travel Assist helps maintain a relative position from vehicles in front while helping to hold the vehicle within marked lanes.

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