What Is the Volkswagen Basecamp Lineup? Explore the Expanded Accessories for Your Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport

November 1st, 2023 by

What Is the Volkswagen Basecamp Lineup?

Volkswagen of America, Inc. has exciting news for all SUV enthusiasts: the Basecamp® accessory line has been expanded to include Atlas Cross Sport models. Originally introduced in 2020 for the Atlas, the Basecamp® lineup lets you add custom body-cladding elements that give your VW a rugged, overland-ready appearance.

A Rugged Overland Look for Your Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport 

The Basecamp® accessory line offers a variety of elements designed to enhance your vehicle’s exterior. You can choose to get these items individually, allowing you to personalize your Volkswagen just the way you like it. Alternatively, you can opt for the complete Basecamp® kit to get all the elements in one go. With the new additions, you can give your VW Atlas Cross Sport a more aggressive, off-road-inspired look. 

Off-Road Ready Wheels for Added Versatility 

The Basecamp® lineup isn’t just about exterior accessories; it also includes unique off-road-inspired wheels. When combined with all-terrain tires, these wheels take your already capable Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport to the next level, making them even more versatile for your adventures. 

A Growing Trend in the World of SUVs 

As the demand for SUVs with rugged appearances continues to grow, Volkswagen aims to meet this demand. According to Petar Danilovic, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at Volkswagen of America, “As consumers and dealers continue to seek SUVs with rugged appearance characteristics, we will continue to offer accessory options that allow them to further personalize their Volkswagen SUV.” Expanding the Basecamp® line to include the Atlas Cross Sport is the logical next step in this pursuit. 

The Roots of Basecamp: From Concept to Reality 

The Basecamp accessory line was initially developed from design elements of the Atlas Basecamp concept, which debuted at the 2019 New York International Auto Show. Produced by Air Design, the Basecamp styling package includes a two-tone textured black and satin silver front valance, matte black flares with integrated splashguards, satin silver side door rocker panels, and satin silver rear valance with trailer hitch access. (Note that this package is not recommended for models without a trailer hitch and is not compatible with R-Line trims and Peak Edition models). 

What’s in the Kit? 

If you’re looking to transform your Atlas or Atlas Cross Sport into a Basecamp-ready SUV, the full kit for the Atlas has an MSRP of $2,650. For those who prefer to pick and choose, you can get each accessory separately: front valance ($680), rear valance ($680), side door skid plates ($769), and fender flares ($645). 

For the Atlas Cross Sport, the full kit costs $2,774. The individual accessory prices are as follows: front valance ($680), rear valance ($680), side door skid plates ($769), and fender flares ($645). 

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The Final Touch: Traverse MX Wheels 

Both accessory lines include unique 17-inch Traverse MX wheels produced specifically for Volkswagen by fifteen52. You can choose between two colors: frosted graphite and radiant silver, each priced at $315. Volkswagen of America recommends 245/70R17 all-terrain tires to complete your Basecamp-inspired look. 

Make Your VW Unique with the Basecamp® Lineup 

The expanded Basecamp® accessory line gives you the opportunity to make your Volkswagen Atlas or Atlas Cross Sport stand out from the crowd. Whether you opt for the full kit or select individual components, you can create a customized, rugged appearance that’s perfect for your adventures. Ready to transform your VW? Visit us at Herman Cook Volkswagen in Encinitas, CA, to explore your options. If you have any questions about the Basecamp options or any vehicles in the Volkswagen family, please contact us at your earliest convenience. 


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